2017 Overview and Looking Ahead

2017 was a good year for e-merge safer drivers, the company that provides the bridge between road behaviour and telematics.

Since we first launched with a major insurer back in January 2015, the number of young drivers using our electronically based driver coaching modules has steadily climbed. Customer satisfaction levels have also persistently risen.

We see two main reasons for this. Firstly, we are data led. We have access to a raft of data and management information surrounding module usage and we are informed by it as we work to continually improve.

Secondly, we see clear evidence that the market is increasingly expecting more from telematics policy providers than just sensibly priced cover that reflects driving behaviour. The mounting engagement levels we are witnessing support the conclusion that the market is sophisticating. There are a number of factors coming into play here but it is plain that there is appetite amongst young drivers for what we provide.

But e-merge did not sit back in 2017 and simply watch the numbers grow. New product development and continuous improvement were, in fact, the central themes of the last 12 months. More on that to follow….

In signing off on 2017, may I take this opportunity to wish all our partners a fantastic 2018.