e-merge safer drivers was established in 2012 to make a significant and lasting difference to driver safety.

It was co-founded by the existing senior partners Jeremy Williamson and Christopher Morley.

Our focus is on reducing the high crash levels amongst young drivers and on continually developing their driving standards in the months and years after passing their tests.

Young drivers comprise a small proportion of those on the road but feature highly in national killed or serious injury statistics. It is in tackling this tragic and needless loss that e-merge is positioned to contribute.

We adopt a scientific approach to our work, deploying cutting edge methods and our results are verifiable.

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e-merge safer drivers has a number of products in use and in development but is becoming best known for the behavioural change modules launched after two years in development with the Co-operative Insurance in January 2015.

Convinced of the untapped potential of telematics in prompting behavioural change amongst young drivers, e-merge safer drivers took telematics to the next level by designing and developing interactive electronic based driver training modules, called e-pac.

Covid19 didn’t stop e-merge!

Driving miles may have reduced in lockdown, but module development work has continued unabated. There has been a particular focus on the appearance of the opening sequences of the modules.

Analysis of module usage data in lockdown has provided a unique insight. Relative to driving miles, which obviously reduced greatly in lockdown, module usage has been comparatively high. Suggesting that for the young drivers, taking the modules is as much about maintaining a connection with the insurer as improving their driving score.


e-merge safer drivers is the road behaviour company that is unlocking greater value from telematics for the insurance industry. We achieve this through a substantial development programme, by understanding our customer and through combined competency in road behaviour and information technology.

We have intertwining aims, namely to improve driver safety and to improve customer business performance.
It is a combined approach that is now gaining momentum, evidenced by e-merge and our e-pac product singled out for several industry awards in the last 12 months.


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