Safety in numbers

Admiral joins Co-op Insurance by introducing e-merge safer drivers Ltd’s online driver behaviour coaching modules to their telematics brands. Through these ‘e-pac’ courses, coupled with socially responsible investment from leading telematics insurers, driver coaching is undertaken at an entirely unprecedented scale.



This news cements e-merge’s position as the established road behaviour company in the rapidly growing telematics sector.  e-merge now has a tremendous driver outreach. What it provides makes sense. Improved driver behaviour is the route to reduced RTC levels amongst drivers. Telematics is the route to mass engagement. e-merge’s e-pac product combines the two.

e-merge spokesperson comments: “Combining the scalability of telematics with the science of behavioural change has been the key to making a tangible difference in this space. The strength of telematics is scale. It enables us to spread our development, production and analysis costs over tens of thousands of end users, providing leading insurers with a real return on their investment in us.

Admiral’s Head of Telematics Gunnar Peters comments: “The customer is at the centre of everything Admiral does, and by offering online driver coaching to our Telematics customers, we hope to help them stay safe on the road and reduce their chance of being involved in an accident.”

Background and Timeline in Numbers:

Convinced of the untapped potential of telematics in prompting behavioural change, in 2013 e-merge and partners set about developing engaging electronically based interactive driver coaching modules, called e-pac, that align to the driver behaviour scores that telematics insurers receive on drivers.

The timeline: 

2013 – 2014 e-pac development / IP, 

Jan 2015 launch with Co-op Insurance, 

July 2015 Winner, DATA Best Telematics Based Project,  

2017 trialed with Admiral Insurance,

2018 Admiral rolls out e-pac.

More background:

e-merge safer drivers Ltd was the first to align driver behaviour coaching modules to telematics feedback data. From that moment on, insurers had an additional mechanism to encourage improved driver behaviour through telematics beyond adjusting premiums. The e-merge driver coaching modules, which are delivered to the insurer’s customers electronically, are of great benefit to the insurer and the customer alike, enabling improved loss ratios, reduced catastrophic claims and also greater customer engagement.

e-merge safer drivers is the company that major telematics insurers now turn to to get more from telematics through improved driver behaviour.

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