e-merge drives by 100,000 users

e-merge has driven by a big milestone with over 100,000 individual users across a number of our customers having now completed our driver behaviour coaching modules.

The combination of high volume and lots of data on every aspect of a user’s journey through the modules has enabled us to steadily improve user experience over the years. Which is vital to our prized insurance clients. In essence a continuous process improvement loop of introducing changes, monitoring their affect, before rejecting or retaining and so on.

The 100,000 figure positions e-merge to uniquely understand what works with voluntary e-based driver coaching modules, as well as what doesn’t! Chris Morley remarks:

“It’s not just the things you’d expect that impact module completion rates, like their length or their tone, even seemingly small changes to the button sizes in the modules have been shown to have a surprisingly big affect on percentage completions!”