Safety in numbers

Admiral joins Co-op Insurance by introducing e-merge safer drivers Ltd’s online driver behaviour coaching modules to their telematics brands. Through these ‘e-pac’ courses, coupled with socially responsible investment from leading telematics insurers, driver coaching is undertaken at an entirely unprecedented scale.



This news cements e-merge’s position as the established road behaviour company in the rapidly growing telematics sector.  e-merge now has a tremendous driver outreach. What it provides makes sense. Improved driver behaviour is the route to reduced RTC levels amongst drivers. Telematics is the route to mass engagement. e-merge’s e-pac product combines the two.

e-merge spokesperson comments: “Combining the scalability of telematics with the science of behavioural change has been the key to making a tangible difference in this space. The strength of telematics is scale. It enables us to spread our development, production and analysis costs over tens of thousands of end users, providing leading insurers with a real return on their investment in us.

Admiral’s Head of Telematics Gunnar Peters comments: “The customer is at the centre of everything Admiral does, and by offering online driver coaching to our Telematics customers, we hope to help them stay safe on the road and reduce their chance of being involved in an accident.”

Background and Timeline in Numbers:

Convinced of the untapped potential of telematics in prompting behavioural change, in 2013 e-merge and partners set about developing engaging electronically based interactive driver coaching modules, called e-pac, that align to the driver behaviour scores that telematics insurers receive on drivers.

The timeline: 

2013 – 2014 e-pac development / IP, 

Jan 2015 launch with Co-op Insurance, 

July 2015 Winner, DATA Best Telematics Based Project,  

2017 trialed with Admiral Insurance,

2018 Admiral rolls out e-pac.

More background:

e-merge safer drivers Ltd was the first to align driver behaviour coaching modules to telematics feedback data. From that moment on, insurers had an additional mechanism to encourage improved driver behaviour through telematics beyond adjusting premiums. The e-merge driver coaching modules, which are delivered to the insurer’s customers electronically, are of great benefit to the insurer and the customer alike, enabling improved loss ratios, reduced catastrophic claims and also greater customer engagement.

e-merge safer drivers is the company that major telematics insurers now turn to to get more from telematics through improved driver behaviour.

For more information contact e-merge CEO Chris Morley on: 

2017 Overview and Looking Ahead

2017 was a good year for e-merge safer drivers, the company that provides the bridge between road behaviour and telematics.

Since we first launched with a major insurer back in January 2015, the number of young drivers using our electronically based driver coaching modules has steadily climbed. Customer satisfaction levels have also persistently risen.

We see two main reasons for this. Firstly, we are data led. We have access to a raft of data and management information surrounding module usage and we are informed by it as we work to continually improve.

Secondly, we see clear evidence that the market is increasingly expecting more from telematics policy providers than just sensibly priced cover that reflects driving behaviour. The mounting engagement levels we are witnessing support the conclusion that the market is sophisticating. There are a number of factors coming into play here but it is plain that there is appetite amongst young drivers for what we provide.

But e-merge did not sit back in 2017 and simply watch the numbers grow. New product development and continuous improvement were, in fact, the central themes of the last 12 months. More on that to follow….

In signing off on 2017, may I take this opportunity to wish all our partners a fantastic 2018. 

Another FTSE100 turns to e-merge

e-merge is proud to announce a rapidly developing relationship with household name Unilever.

On the back of a very successful staff and site safety day which e-merge recently ran at Unilever’s flagship Port Sunlight plant, we have been asked to develop bespoke driver and pedestrian safety training solutions for the international consumer goods company.

Chris Morley says:

“Whilst e-merge will always be best known in telematics and the motor insurance industry, working closely with leading lights in other sectors can only help to inform what we do.”


 Unilever / Partner e-merge safer drivers 2017
Unilever / Partner e-merge safer drivers 2017


e-merge rewarded for progressive work in the road safety sector

Our increasing contribution to road safety has been recognised by the recent appointment of e-merge’s CEO Jeremy Williamson as Brake Road Safety Charity North West Media Spokesperson. This is a key appointment for the national road safety charity at a time when the Government is formulating new legislation.

In conjunction with the Brake Charity position, Jeremy has also been invited to the House of Commons to meet Greg Mulholland MP in January and is looking forward to talking about the exciting work we have been doing.

The short video below, in conjunction with Brake, demonstrates Jeremy’s poignant connection and personal drive towards challenging the road safety sector along the path to a brighter future for all road users.

The Co-operative Insurance and e-merge win best telematics based project at insurance technology awards

The Co-operative Insurance and e-merge safer drivers are proud to announce that our e-pac driver behaviour modules have scooped first place in the Data and Technology Awards for Insurance for “best telematics based project 2015”.

The use of e-merge’s e-pac behavioural change modules since January 2015 by the Co-operative Insurance secured the headline award of best telematics based project of 2015 which was held at Altitude 360, Westminster’s tallest building.

Chris Morley, COO at e-merge safer drivers Ltd comments:

“We are incredibly proud to receive this fantastic award with our charter client, the Co-operative Insurance. We developed e-pac, the next step in telematics, to help make young drivers safer on the roads. This award is clear evidence that by working closely with insurers and young drivers, we can influence driver behaviour to improve driving scores, reduce risk and loss ratios and ultimately make our roads safer.”

Steve Kerrigan, Head of Telematics at the Co-operative Insurance says:

“We are committed to improving driving behaviours and making the UK roads safer and are delighted to win this award and for the recognition.”    

Jeremy Williamson, CEO at e-merge says:

” This is fantastic recognition for the hard work and dedication of the Co-operative Insurance Young Driver Team, Wunelli and e-merge safer drivers Ltd.”

Jeremy adds:

” To achieve this prestigious award within 12 months of launching is incredible and shows that engaging with young driver customers at the right time and in the right way, can really make a difference. To receive this news as we are busy with National Road Safety Week is particularly poignant!”

e-merge has seen some exciting product evolution over the last six months and is really looking forward to continuing to share the outcomes with The Co-operative on the back of this significant joint success.”

Editors notes:

The Co-operative and e-merge have been picked out for this insurance industry award for their combined efforts to tackle an issue that is considered a national priority, namely reducing the casualty levels amongst young drivers on British roads.

They have achieved their success by taking telematics from something that was previously largely a measurement and monitoring tool, to something that encourages behavioural change through the engaging training modules designed by e-merge and called e-pac (electronic performance assessment constructivist) that align to telematics feedback data.”

e-merge down to last three for Insurance Technology Awards

“Latest news – e-merge is in for another Award!”

Mounting recognition for e-merge safer drivers as the Insurance Technology Awards have picked out the Co-operative Insurance and our e-pac product amongst a record entry for “best telematics project 2015” at next month’s prestigious Insurance Technology Awards.

The winner will be announced on 19 November at Altitude 360, London. We are obviously delighted with the news, as it is already an achievement to have reached the final three in such good company.

Technology Awards

Brake Road Safety Awards; e-merge announced as finalist

e-merge safer drivers has been chosen amongst a large global entry as a finalist in Brake’s ‘Road Safety Product of the Year’ category, arguably the international road safety body’s most prestigious award.

e-merge has been short-listed from a record entry for the 2015 Road Safety Product category, for the innovative and engaging telematics tool that is designed to keep young drivers safer, whilst improving loss ratios for the insurance industry.

Christopher Morley comments:

“Just to be considered for such an award is very humbling.  It is recognition for the commitment to road safety from The Co-operative, our charter insurance industry client, and the dedication and talents of every individual at e-merge and our partners.”

Winners will be announced at a gala dinner on Thursday 1 October 2015, at the St John’s Hotel, Solihull, Birmingham.


Note to editors: The annual event, sponsored by Arval, recognises the achievements of fleet operators and suppliers who are working hard to reduce road crashes.  This year’s finalists include well-known names such as Johnson & Johnson, Royal Mail and Aldi, as well as smaller organisations including Gateshead Council, Hampshire Fire and Rescue and e-merge safer drivers.

e-merge safer drivers launches e-pac with The Co-operative Insurance

In a first for the Insurance industry, The Co-operative Insurance has partnered with e-merge safer drivers to pilot a series of educational modules for customers holding a Young Driver Insurance policy.

Customers with a Co-operative Insurance Young Driver policy will shortly have access to a range of safety modules via their online dashboard.

The announcement comes as research from The Co-operative Insurance found that a fifth of young drivers (aged 18-24) believe they would be a safer driver if they were to benefit from continued education and lessons to improve their driving skills*.

Focusing initially on the four core skills of speed, cornering, braking and acceleration, the modules have been designed to work with and complement Young Driver Insurance. Customers logging into their Young Driver dashboard will now be targeted with a series of driver training modules that are directly linked to telematics feedback data which provides a measurement of the way they drive.

Young Driver has also been selected as a key project for The Co-operative Young Members Board throughout 2015. The Board of 15 young people (aged 16-25) have already begun to closely work with our insurance business during the pilot phase for the safety modules. They will also continue to provide feedback and support for The Co-operative’s insurance offering for younger drivers throughout the course of 2015.

The Co-operative Insurance was the first major insurer to launch a “pay as you drive” insurance product for Young Drivers in 2011, providing potential access to more affordable premiums by rewarding safe driving through the use of smart box technology. Since then the product has given almost 60,000 young drivers the opportunity to continuously improve their driving skills and reduce their insurance premium by monitoring the way they drive.

Commenting on the launch, Steve Kerrigan, Head of Telematics at The Co-operative Insurance said, “As a business that strives to deliver a better way of doing business for our customers and their communities, we’re committed to playing our part to increase the safety of young drivers.”

“With thousands of drivers already improving their driving and reducing their premiums by using our telematics technology. We believe that the modules will accelerate these benefits by providing additional tools to help our customers continuously improve their driving skills.”

Jeremy Williamson, CEO and Partner at e-merge safer drivers also commented: “As a business that is focused on doing the right thing to improve young driver safety The Co-operative Insurance was a natural choice for us when looking for a partner to deliver these modules. This is just the first stage and we’re looking forward to developing the technology further based on customer feedback, telematics data and in conjunction with The Co-operative Young Member’s Board.”

Richard Coteau, Executive at Brake, (the National Road Safety Charity), said: “Brake fully supports the use of telematics as an incredibly useful tool for measuring performance and helping to create safer drivers. The next step for telematics is training which creates behavioural change, and we are delighted to support the innovative system developed by The Co-operative and e-merge safer drivers.”

Click here to read the full story on The Co-operative website

e-merge Lead on Education Scoops Road Safety Award

The Engage North West Programme has been awarded a Prince Michael of Kent Award – one of the world’s leading road safety awards.  Ian Edwards, e-merge lead on education, designed the educational content of the programme.  The Engage programme aims to help learner drivers to develop coping strategies for a number of key factors associated with the crash involvement of novice drivers.

Originally developed by Ian in partnership with South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership, Engage is now running under a number of names in South Yorkshire, Merseyside, Cheshire, Lewisham, West Sussex, Clackmannanshire, Northants and Somerset.  It is also in the process of being rolled out in several other areas across the UK.

 Ian Edwards left in photo receiving Award from RSGB Chair Honor Byford.
Ian Edwards left in photo receiving Award from RSGB Chair Honor Byford.

The Prince Michael Award was presented to Sarah Collins, Cheshire West and Chester Council Senior Road Safety Officer on 26 November at the 2014 National Road Safety Conference in Brighton.